January 18, 2021

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driven to deliver

driven to deliver

FuelFuel Surcharge as of 11-05-18 is 23%

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Call 877-966-3796 to schedule by 10 a.m.
We will deliver same day by 5 p.m.

Cut off time for Pickups - 2 p.m.

Berkshire County, MA
Call 877-966-3796 to Schedule.

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Fuel Surcharge

Fuel SurchargeEffective Nov 05, 2018, the fuel surcharge applied to Joneser's Express Transportation services will be 23%. This change in the fuel surcharge is due to the recent changes in the cost of fuel.


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shipment tracking

If you need assistance with your login for shipment tracking, please send an email to SARA@JONESERSEXP.COM